Black corset lingerie set


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Like a big bad wolf

LVS knows who this 'black corset lingerie set' is for. The bad girls. The only place it pays to be bad is in the bedroom. But to be bad, one has to dress the part. Our three-piece lingerie set is meant to do just that. Punish the one you love the way they deserve the most.

Our Black Corset Lingerie set is made from PVC leather, so that means no animals were harmed in the making of this special faux leather lingerie. Remember, with this lingerie, you are not the prey. You are the big bad wolf, and your prey awaits you. 

Pull up your black stocking and tighten your corset for the best result from this precious lingerie set from LVS. Most importantly, have fun!

Product features:

  • 3-piece lingerie set includes corset, pantie, and stockings
  • Made from 100% Vinyl (Vegan)
Shipping information: Ships to Australia and the rest of the world

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